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Worrying about health increases heart disease risk

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Worrying about health increases heart disease risk

A new study looks at the consequences of health anxiety on heart health. Excessive worrying over one’s health might increase the risk of heart disease.


Cardiac contractions and feelings of familiarity linked – Medical News Today

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Cardiac contractions and feelings of familiarity linked

New research investigates the surprising interaction between the muscular contractions of our heart and feelings of familiarity. Physiology is stranger than fiction.

Are mechanical heart valves better than biological ones?

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Google, Heart Association Launch New Project To Fight Heart Disease

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3D Heart Simulation Predicts How Drugs Will Affect Your Heartbeat

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Your heart might “skip a beat” if you’re frightened or you suddenly see a long-lost love, but in real life, an irregular heartbeat can be dangerous. If the heart can’t pump enough blood to the body, it could result in organ failure or stroke. And…

Popular Science – Saturday, May 2, 2015

HealthPatch MD alerts your doctor about heart problems in real time

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Novel, implantable device ‘could slow, reverse heart failure’ – Medical News Today

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Your smartphone can now tell you if you have a heart condition

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Heart Concerns and Energy Drinks

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Simple medical technique provides lifesaving protection during and after an acute heart attack

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